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By Jack Martin on

Staying Motivated in the Winter - Zak Hanna

It's normal to lose motivation to run during the winter when the weather is challenging. Zak Hanna, on the back of 5th place in the World Mountain Running Championships, shared his insights in how to overcome loss of motivation.

The winter can be pretty grim in the UK and Ireland; with wind, rain, sleet and snow often making it difficult to get out the door to do some form of exercise.

As I write this I am currently in Thailand after competing in the World Mountain Running Championships, most days it's 30+ degrees Celsius and on race day it was 34 degrees with 70% humidity!

Like everyone else, my motivation isn't always at a high level as it's impossible to maintain the same levels of motivation all year round. Here are my tips for helping to keep motivated during the winter:

Invest in good quality clothing

Baselayers, socks, waterproofs, shoes-having the right gear will make it easier to combat the bad weather and cold temperatures, plus getting to wear new gear out for the first time is always exciting!

Embrace the winter weather

We pretty much know every year what to expect from the UK and Ireland in the winter. I run in all weathers because I know in the summer time it will be worth it when I'm running with the sun shining and the temperature is warmer, so look at the poor weather days as preparation for the good days ahead.

Plan spring and summer adventures during the winter

Write down your plans for hikes, runs and other adventures during the winter so you know you have something to look forward to when the seasons begin to change. I do this every year and often look at it when the winter is at its worst to keep motivation levels topped up.

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